Does Your Estate Plan Need A Check-Up?

Everyone knows that they need an estate plan (if they don't already have one). However, many people do not realize that their estate plan is not a 'set it and forget it' process. Your plan should be reviewed periodically as your life changes.

There are many instances when you should schedule an estate planning 'check-up' with an experienced estate planning attorney. Some of the most common life events where you should consider updating your estate plan include:

- Your own marriage or divorce

- Death of a spouse or child

- Having children

- Marriage or divorce of your heirs

- Health issues for you or your appointed decision-makers

- Financial troubles for your heirs

- Changes in your wishes on who inherits after you pass away

- Moving to a different state or country

All of these life events may require changes to your own estate plan. It is important to review your current plan every few years as well, even if you do not feel like your situation has changed much.

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